Don't Let Rats Damage Your Home

Turn to us for rat exclusion or removal services in Tarpon Springs, Palm Harbor, FL and surrounding areas

Rats are some of the most common pests to be found in homes. Unfortunately, they are also some of the most dangerous. Not only can rats cause structural damage to your property, but they can also spread disease. This is why rat removal services are so important.

Ratman Rodent & Wildlife Removal provides expert rat exclusion services to residential and commercial clients in Tarpon Springs, Palm Harbor, FL, and surrounding areas. Call us when you need us we'll be there right away to help you out.

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Our Rodent control program

At Ratman Rodent & Wildlife Removal, we've developed a 30-day rat exclusion and removal process. Here's how it works:

  • We set traps and bait stations around the perimeter of the home
  • We wait 30 days for all the rats to exit the home and be humanely relocated
  • We seal up all potential entrances so that they can't come back again
It's important to us that our customers get the reliable rat removal services they need. Contact us today to schedule yours.